Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just a little test page. Well two really.

I found some art supplies at Michael's on the clearance rack! I love clearance.

My mom needed something from Michael's and I happened to look at their clearance. I saw a tin of 24 Derwent Graphitint and a Derwent 24 Watercolor Collection. Both had been originally 54.99, one was priced at 29.99 and the other was priced little bit lower.

I decided to go ahead and get them as I've been wanting to try out the graphitints. At the register, the Watercolor collection came up as 7.99 and the Graphitint as 10.99! I went back and got the other two remaining tins (1 Graphitint, one WC collection) plus 3 tins of 12 Aquatone.

I love clearance!

Not sure what I'll do with the extra sets. Maybe give them away as Christmas presents?

The WC collection one is interesting, as I've not seen one with these pencils. Most I've seen have half Aquatone, half pencils. This one has 6 Aquatone, 6 Inktense, 1 water-soluble graphite, 8 watercolor pencils. (Though now it's 7 as I tossed out the Chinese white.) Also has an eraser, brush and pencil sharpener.

Does anyone really use Chinese white? I'm rethinking having tossed it out because I have a pad of colored watercolor paper by Strathmore. I might need the white in that. Don't know, I've never tried it. (I didn't throw the chinese white pencil away, it's in my pencil glass.)

The one with the bird at the bottom is the Derwent Watercolor collection. The other is the Graphitint.

I am so going to go to two other Michael's I've discovered. Wonder if they have more art supplies on clearance.

I'll admit that I am an art supply addict.

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