Thursday, August 5, 2010

Captain Hopes Tools for School Drive

Captain Hopes Tools for School Drive

This Saturday is the deadline, folks! Please help if you can.

On that note...

Okay, I'll admit that I bought the big box of 64 crayons rather than the box of 24 that was on the list. Hope that's okay.

It's just that when I was little I always wanted the big box of crayons, but my mom would never buy them for me or my sister. In my mom's defense, I was terrible with my markers and crayons. I was always leaving my markers uncapped on white articles of clothing. (I swear those markers dragged themselves there!) Or I left my crayons on the floor, and then accidentally trod on them, thus grinding them into the carpet. I'm sure my mom was picturing the mess the big box of crayons would leave once I scattered them all over the carpet and jumped on them.

And there was always this odd thing going on too, in school with the boxes of crayons. Those kids who had the big box of crayons always looked snootily down on the ones who only had the small box. So I thinking how some kid might feel really cool, stepping into school with the BIG box of crayons. And then I started sniffing the big box of crayons... and well...

I do hope it's okay I bought the larger box.

And now I salute you parents who go back to school shopping all the time! Especially if you have your kids with you. I got lost in the school supply section. It took me way too long to get the stuff, and I didn't even have kids with me!

I'm surprised that I've never seen any kids duct taped to the shopping carts. I suppose CPS frowns on that.

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