Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seizure dog fun

Boosting a signal. The Kurlinski family is trying to raise money for a seizure dog for their 4 year old son, Oliver. (Oliver has epilepsy of course.) Go to www.crowdrise.com/4PawsforOllie

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daniel Smith watercolor sticks and free shipping offer

If you've ever wanted to try the Daniel Smith watercolor sticks, they are having a buy one get one offer on some of the sticks.

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks -
Buy One, Get One FREE: Phthalo Blue GS and NEW Pyrrol Orange

Buy One, Get One FREE: Pyrrol Red and NEW Phthalo Turquoise

Buy One, Get One FREE: Ultramarine Blue and NEW Hansa Yellow Light

They are usually $12.49 each. I've not purchased these before. I have heard that it's sort of like a stick of watercolor paint, you can pull paint directly from the stick or you can rub it on wet paper. Or rub it on dry paper and then wet the paper. I'm sure I'll have fun with them.

And it wasn't just the BOGO that convinced me to try them; DS is also having a free shipping offer, with no minimum. Copy down the web coupon code on the front of their website. You fill out your order, then complete the billing and address information. When you get to the 'review order' page, that's when there is a spot for entering the coupon code.

Free Shipping! Yeah! Shipping costs have been going up like crazy.

Anyway, thought that I'd spread the word.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cool sounding trade school


I could trade some of my paintings for class time!

Anyway, pass along the link for anyone who might live in New York.

(Coughing right now because I just had ice cream. Mildly allergic to milk, but the chocolate ice cream was taunting me.)

Readings from the book "Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them"

Readings from the book "Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them"
Featuring Teresa Jusino, Racheline Maltese, NancyKay Shapiro, and Priscilla Spencer in anticipation of the book's official release the following day!

Brooklyn Waystation
683 Washington Ave
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Reading to be followed by signing

Gluten Free Bakery

They do deliveries if you are outside the Dallas area. I saw an article about them in the local neighborhood paper, The White Rock Lake Weekly. (www.whiterocklakeweekly.com) The business is owned by a mother-daughter team who both have Celiac disease.

If you have Celiac disease you can now have brownies! And banana nut bread. The article mentioned that they do special orders, so maybe you could even get cookies.

Anyway, just spreading the word. There are a lot of folks who have problems with gluten so I thought I'd re-post this.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Caddo inspired mug with Aggie clear glaze

The pottery head had a book on Caddo pottery. Wonderful designs. I made quite a few drawings in my sketchbook and I would like to try some of the pot forms.

I love slipwork. Darn thing is that black slip washes out under some glazes. I was trying to get the Aggie Clear on as thin as possible, short of spraying it on. So I brushed it on. Worked pretty good.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Art in the Hood Art Event

This event was originally supposed to be a Studio Tour, but it was rescheduled due to the weather. It was supposed to be February 2, but then we got all that ice and snow, and well...

It will now be a one day event Sunday at the BA Glassworks. Sunday March 20, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

BA Glassworks are located at 2123 Silverado Drive in Dallas, Texas.


Please pass along!

If you are in/near the DFW area, and can make the trip, please come! It's been a great tour the past years, and in one location it should be fun. Like some open air art bazaar. And the glass work guys are great fun to watch! It's like performance art, watching them mold drippy bits of melted glass into beautiful things.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Story and photo! Whoot!

I subscribed to Christian A. Young's "Hold Something." If you subscribe, you get a story and an accompanying photograph every month. Or should that be once a month? I really liked the story and so I have to share his link with you.