Monday, April 4, 2016

Warning, frank talk about lady bits. You have been warned.

Okay, so I got to talk to the second gynecologist today for a 'second opinion'. She's leaning towards a hysterectomy as well. She at least went into more depth about my fibroids.

Apparently it's all about location, location, location.

I'm not a candidate for a D&C because only a couple of my fibroids are little balls hanging down. The rest are between the outside muscle wall of the uterus and the endometrium. Oh, boy.

The other problem is how my uterus has grown. The uterus is meant to grow up and out front. It had been doing that, but now it's grown sideways. So it's pushing not only against my kidneys, but also against the blood vessels on either side. So while I don't feel pain from my fibroids, they are hurting me in other ways.

And because those stupid fibroids are pushing against my blood vessels, it makes having the laparoscopic surgery a no go. They, in operation, will have to push the uterus away from the blood vessels to cut it. The tool used in laparoscopy is about the size of a pencil, and it doesn't have the ability to manhandle the uterus away from stuff when they cut. So too much risk they will end up cutting the blood vessels or kidney lines there.

I also might not be able to have 'artery embolization' done. That depends on the size of the fibroids, plus where they are in the uterus. Having the blood flow cut off will cause them to stop growing and make the uterus shrink. But again, it's "where are these two located exactly." The radiologist might not be able to do an embolization.

Forgot to ask if it would be a full or a partial hysterectomy. 



The good news is that she told me that I would be considered temporarily disabled, so file this at my workplaces. And I'm going to call human services to see if I could get temporary assistance during this time.

So that bit of news is good.

So I signed their 'request for records'. And once she gets the sonogram records, she'll look at them and give me her opinion on things.

And then we'll have to plan out stuff. We'll have to make sure it's time between Mom's appointments. (So dad won't be dropping Mom attempting to lift her from the bed to the wheelchair.) And I'll file disability at both America Greetings and Kohl's.

And I'll also see about calling Human Services. My mom had someone from the Department of Aging and Disability call her way back. I still have that number, so I'll call and ask for an appointment to discuss temporary disability. If I qualify for any assistance, that would be great.

So being able to plan out stuff is good.

Though I still don't feel ready for this hysterectomy.

Also not sure how much of this dad understands. I've told mom but y'all have heard me complain about dad's hearing...

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