Thursday, April 28, 2016

Doing some updating....

Because I have been sorely lacking this blog.  I think I have too many to keep up with.  I have a Facebook, a LiveJournal, a Dreamwidth, a Wordpress and I just got a notice from InsaneJournal. 

I need to make a habit of creating the entry first, then uploading it into the different formats. 

And my mind is running around and around like a hamster on a wheel about the possibility of needing a hysterectomy.   Sigh...  Wish the state of Texas had taken the Medicare expansion.  I really don't think I can afford this. 

Plus I also help Dad with Mom, and if I have a hysterectomy, I will be unable to lift anything for 6 weeks.  So definitely can't help Dad lift Mom.  And we shift her position several times everyday, and lift her up the bed at least once a day, because she slides down it.  

I need to contact health and human services, to see if I would qualify for anything.  Both my workplaces say I can only get FMLA which is unpaid. 

And I'm still not sure Dad understands what's going on.  

I have also become so absent minded over the past month or so, it's crazy.  

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