Sunday, March 1, 2015

So some a--holes ruined some middle school kids' day....

So I was listening to Beyond Bows and Arrows on KNON. (89.3) I didn't catch the name of the guest, but he's one of the chaperones for American Horse School (which is a middle school) on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  As a reward for academic performance, the kids get to go on field trips. 
One of field trips was a trip to see a hockey game in Rapid City. 

Some men in a corporate box started throwing beer and racial slurs at these middle school kids.  The kids got upset, of course.   But according to the guest on BB&A, some of these kids had nightmares, and are now afraid to leave the rez.   Which is just not right, grown men intimidating small kids. Some of these kids are young enough that they still believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. 


From NPR

If you wish to send the kids letters and/or cards of support and encouragement, you can send them to
American Horse School
P.O. Box 660
Allen  S.D. 57714
Only one person was found and he was charged with a misdemeanor.  So now there is also a 'push' to have the investigation reopened as a hate crime, which would have stiffer penalties.  I don't have any links where one would write for that.  

The only thing I could think to tell these kids would be about how these men have a body part so small they compensate by insulting others.   But I figure that's not the sort of thing you tell to an 9 year old or whatever. 

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