Sunday, January 9, 2011

East Lake Pet Orphanage is looking for artists

who can create eye catching outdoor displays for their thrift shop, "Second Chance Treasures."

Clipped from the East Lake Pet Orphanage newsletter....

"Anyone driving past Second Chance Treasures during the holidays probably noticed the vibrant orange Christmas trees on top of the shop. What an eye-catching display! Are you a local artist that is looking for a unique way to bring attention to your creativity? We'd love to partner with you! We are looking for local artists that can create seasonal displays to place on top of Second Chance Treasures to help draw attention to our organization. If you are the artist whose work is currently on display, we will have information in the store to let shop visitors know more about you and where they can see more of your work! If interested, please call Second Chance Treasures at 214-660-9696 and leave your contact information."

Just posting this in case anyone wants to try an outdoor installation. This sounds like a great opportunity for some new artists. You get to show off your work and people get to find out about your work when they enter the shop. (Though ELPO probably can't pay you anything, but hey, just think of it as advertising!)

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