Tuesday, August 26, 2014

See the inhaler is not supposed to get over 80 degrees.  Well, today I didn't have it in my pockets.  I thought I left it at home.  When I got home it wasn't where I like to put my phone, keys, wallet, etc. that I keep in my pockets.  

Nope, it was in my purse!  Which had been in the truck, behind the seat under a shower curtain sample.  Aw crap.  I'm supposed to be taking that ProAir inhaler every four hours.   (Since I'm still having difficulty breathing.) 

I'm annoyed at myself for this.  I am going to contact the doctor's office tomorrow and let them know what happened.  There aren't refills on that inhaler.   Plus I don't have enough to get it right now.  I'll have to wait until Friday.  Sigh. 

Maybe I should get a temperature gauge for the truck. 

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