Monday, July 29, 2013

Found some old mason jars

And there are about three different batches.  One batch has two very plain jars that say Kerr Mason. 
One batch of several has a 'fruit in a car-touche' design on the back.  The other batch is a bunch of "mama's mason jar".

The neighbor's wife (original owner of the jars) died recently.  She'd been sick for several years and you can tell these have been sitting in the garage since she lost the energy to can stuff.  I soaked them all in a bleachy bath and washed them out.

Some of them still need some more washing, though.  While I had them out in the sun, I noticed some residue of dirt left behind.

First, the "Fruitopia" mason jars 

Next, the "Mama's Mason Jar" jars.

And the plain Kerr mason jars

Link to the album on photobucket here, because the pictures are bigger there.

This link is supposed to do a 'slideshow'.

If anyone has any knowledge about old mason jars, feel free to drop me a line.  I will be using the newest jars for mason jar salads.  I'm not sure about whether or not I want to sell the older ones on Etsy.

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