Thursday, February 2, 2012

And back to the hospital we go...

Okay, so my mom's been at this physical therapy place for about a week. (It's the Methodist Rehabilitation Center, but when you say you have a relative in rehab, it doesn't sound like they are recovering from a spinal injury.)

She's been having pain, but apparently everyone had been assuming it was due to having the back surgery.

Well, the pain had been getting worse, she's been feeling nauseous after eating, and she threw up a few times. (I didn't know that bit.) So the nurse did a sonogram and she's got a HUGE gallstone. My dad called me while I was at work to tell me that they were going to transfer her back to the hospital but he didn't know when.

Two minutes after I get home, my mom calls. They were transferring her like NOW so my dad and I had to run over to her room and get her stuff out of it. Then we had to hurry over to the hospital and try to find what room she was in.

They are going to take her gall bladder out tomorrow about noon. I've already called 1st job (boy am I glad I finished all my card accounts for this week) to let them know that I am definitely not making it in tomorrow.

Oh, get this. One of the paramedics (from the ambulance service) was taking my mom's blood pressure while the ambulance was stopped at a light. The woman was standing, and the ambulance is not supposed to move while the staff are standing. The light changed, but the ambulance couldn't move. Well, the SUV behind the ambulance starting honking. Several times honking.

Anyway, going back to the hospital tomorrow.

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