Monday, June 13, 2011

Some links I've been meaning to share...

First off!

Yeah! \(^o^)/ This one makes me very happy.
New Oregon Law: Animals Can Be Included in Domestic Violence Protective Orders

Derwent Employee Alison Sprately volunteered in Africa at St. Lucia's. She took with her several Derwent pencils and accessories.

Do you like Sherlock Holmes stories? Read "The White Company" or the Professor Challenger series? There is a "Save Undershaw" preservation thing going. Undershaw was Arthur Conan Doyle's home that he had built. Doyle also drew the first draft before it was passed on to the architect, Joseph Henry Ball.
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And Nowzad on facebook. Nowzad is an organization that rescues dogs and cats from Afghanistan. Some of their fund drives are for animals that were befriended by service personnel, and need all their shots and paperwork to go home with their military 'hoomins'.
Friend them on facebook and get the latest information on their charges. Oh. and are these pictures cute or what? I got them off Nowzad.



Military guys with kittens. Is there anything cuter?

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