Saturday, April 30, 2011

Charlotte AKA Charlie Organized by Nowzad Dogs

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Charlotte AKA Charlie was found as a kitten during a mission on routeCharlotte. He was alone at the time andnot wanting her to get run over by the convoy we picked him up. He was probably only a few months old and curled up inside a helmet on the ride back to base. On the compound he quickly became a part of the small team. Everyone helped totake care of him between taking milk, tuna and chicken from the dining hall tohaving family mail cat shampoo and toys. He’s always been great at relieving stress after longdays on operations and has really become part of the family that guys grow todepend on during deployments. We’ve hadhim five months now and with our redeployment soon we want to find a way tobring him back to the States so we know she’ll be safe and not have to struggle to survive. Her impact on the guys has been tremendous especially given that not one of them could would have claimed to be a cat person before we found him.
Certainly a very special animal that has had a huge impact on this deployment.If you are wondering why his name is Charlotte AKA Charlie it is because when we first found him on route Charlotte we thought he was a female but on arrival at the Nowzad Shelter 'she' was actually found to be a 'he' so is now known as Charlotte AKA Charlie!!!

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